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Transforming the Galilee and enhancing Israel’s image as a leading cultural center.

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Pelleg received the First Prize in the Molly Margolis Piano Competition in Chicago as well as other scholarships and distinctions. The Israeli Association of women in Management chose Ada Pelleg as "Woman of the year 2006".

"The impressive high level of the ensemble and the conductor was heard from the first stroke of their bows..."

Haaretz, Israel

"a beautiful, velvety performance of two serenades for strings (Elgar&Tchaikowsky) with a proud, lyric line and a triumphant finale"

London Jewish Chronicle

"Ada Pelleg is certainly the most promising talent I have encountered..."

HENRY MAZER, Associated Conductor The Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"Her Tchaikovsky (Serenade) was breathtaking … Vigorously and swiftly leading to an optimistic finale, with the right phrasing and great vitality..."


ADA PELLEG, conductor

Israeli conductor Ada Pelleg, Music director of the Galilee Music Center is an inspiring and powerful voice on the Israeli music scene who passionately believes in music as a vehicle for bringing the different ethnic groups of Israel together.

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