Press Highlights

“A woman conductor who is an outstanding musician”

H. Ron, Yediot Ahronot

“The Maronite Church in Gush Halav was packed Saturday with audiences, many celebrities among them…The Israel Chamber orchestra, The Ramat Gan Choir and soloists Sahron Rostorf, Svetlana Sandler, Eitan Drori and Alex Kanonikov gave their best under the leadership of Ada Pelleg. People in the audience admitted to being moved to tears.”

M. Reider, Yedito Ahronot

“Tchaikovsky (the serenade) under her baton was breathtaking! Emotional and full of energy”

Niedersachsisches Tagblat

“Sweeping success to conductor Ada Pelleg in Ein Gev Festival. The concert under her direction was awesome, moving and thrilling.

Over two thousand people crowded the auditorium in Kibbutz Ein Gev listen to Beethoven’s 9th.   On the crowded stage the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, soloists and three courses – all directed by a single woman.”

L. Miller, City Voice

“Pelleg conducted the Symphony no. 40 in G minor (Mozart) with intense drive. She was at her best in the Minuet and Finale.  The   skilled Israel Chamber under her baton gave a dynamic and stirring performance.”

D. Shapira Namir, Tel-Aviv Journalists Association

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חוויה קלאסית בינלאומית

ADA PELLEG, conductor

Israeli conductor Ada Pelleg, Music director of the Galilee Music Center is an inspiring and powerful voice on the Israeli music scene who passionately believes in music as a vehicle for bringing the different ethnic groups of Israel together.

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Ada pelleg
Address: Zfat, Israel

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