End of the Season Concert with the Israel Chamber Orchestra

End of the Season Concert with the Israel Chamber Orchestra

End of the Season Concert with the Israel Chamber Orchestra. Tel Aviv Museum, Wednesday July 17th 2014

Published July 5, 2014

Ada Pelleg will lead the Israel Chamber Orchestra in a special concert featuring solioists from the orchestra.

The special program inludes  Bassonist Daniel Nestor playig Carl Maria von Webern Andante and Rondo Ungarese in C manor for Bassoon & Orchestra, Cellist Gregory Yanovsky playing Antonin Dvorak Rondo in G Minor for Cello & Orchestra, oboist  Omri Raveh playing Domenico Cimarosa Concerto in C Major for Oboe and Strings  and violinbists Elina Gurevich & Yulia Balgly playing Antonio Vivaldi’s  Concerto in A minor for 2 Violins and Orchestra.

In the second part of the evening the orchestra will play Wolfgang amadeus  Mozart Divertimento in D Major K. 136 and Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 94 in G Major - the  “Surprise” symphony.


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חוויה קלאסית בינלאומית

ADA PELLEG, conductor

Israeli conductor Ada Pelleg, Music director of the Galilee Music Center is an inspiring and powerful voice on the Israeli music scene who passionately believes in music as a vehicle for bringing the different ethnic groups of Israel together.

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